Camille Mrozowski Award for Service Excellence in Research

Camille MrozowskiCamille Mrozowski’s career in the U-M Medical School Office of Research spanned 27 years. She performed various roles during her years of service, and to each of them Camille brought her personal warmth, integrity, sincerity, and an unwavering commitment to supporting the research mission of the school. She took pride in her work, and always went above and beyond in helping her faculty, co-workers and the diverse customers of the Office of Research. Camille made everyone she interacted with feel important and appreciated.

Camille passed away prematurely in 2016, and her colleagues in the Office of Research created this award to honor the memory of their beloved coworker. The award is intended to recognize research support staff who bring a personal touch to their interactions, exhibit a positive attitude, demonstrate professionalism and perseverance, and inspire coworkers.


Administrative staff* who support U-M Medical School research are eligible for this award of $500 that will be presented in the Fall, and feature a small celebration reception for the recipient and their colleagues. The ideal candidate for this award brings empathy, a positive attitude, personal touch, and enthusiasm to their role, and demonstrates professionalism and exemplary customer service in interactions with faculty and colleagues in other units; builds relationships and makes personal connections. 

*Personnel within the Medical School Office of Research units and those classified as “managerial” within the university HR system are not eligible for this award; classifications of “professional” and below, outside the Medical School Office of Research, are eligible.


Watch this space for more information regarding the next nomination cycle. Applications are managed in Competition Space, and must include name, title, department, years employed, as well as one nomination letter and two letters of support.


2019 - Melissa Schon

Melissa SchonThe recipient of the 2019 Camille Mrozowski Award is Melissa Schon, Senior Pre-Awards Grant Specialist, Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

This award recognizes Melissa’s exceptional job performance, her deep commitment to the success of the research mission and the goals of the ObGyn faculty as she helps ease the administrative burdens through the challenges and hurdles of the submission process.

Through her sincerity, warmth and high standards of integrity, Melissa has built excellent relationships with the faculty and staff in ObGyn. Her dedication to the individual, departmental and institutional research is apparent in her enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond, no task is too small or too big for her. Melissa advises department leadership and faculty on issues related to research, providing accurate data to inform her recommendations. Melissa attends training workshops, develops and implements new strategies and acts as a representative on many committees. She also collaborates with other departments and shares her processes with them.

Like Camille Mrozowski, Melissa Schon is beloved for her personal warmth, an unshakeable positive attitude, her integrity, sincerity and deep commitment to supporting the research mission

2018 - Arijit Bhaumik

Formal portrait of Ari BhaumikThe recipient of the 2018 Camille Mrozowski Award was Arijit K. Bhaumik, Research Administrator for the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center (MADC), Department of Neurology.

This award recognized Ari’s passion, professionalism, tireless commitment, and extraordinary care for both researchers and their patients. As the Research Administrator of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Ari supports countless research activities, from managing research projects to training study coordinators to balancing complex research budgets. Ari is an excellent communicator, emphasizing creative and dynamic strategies for multicultural, cross-generational and multipurpose understanding of research within the MADC. He has managed neurodegenerative clinical trials and longitudinal studies at the MADC for more than 12 years.

2017 - Kristen Hug

Kristen HugThe inaugural recipient of the Camille Mrozowski Award in 2017 was Kristen Hug, Program Manager in the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology.

This award recognized Kristen’s professionalism, dedication, passion and integrity in her 13-year career at the university. She provides vital pre-award grant administration in her department, supporting research faculty in the submission of applications, Just In Time (JIT) packages and progress reports, as well as acting as the unit’s student services representative.

Kristen is described by her colleagues as unflappable, unfailingly positive, warm, reliable and efficient, and Interim Chair Kristen Verhey calls her the “best pre-award grants person on campus.”


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