CommunicationsBreakthroughs are taking place every day at the University of Michigan Medical School research enterprise, and we're excited to talk about them! If you're a member of the press, please connect directly with the media team in Michigan Medicine's Department of Communications.

Interested in an overview of what's going on in the Medical School Office of Research? Check out our News feed and our Events & Workshops page.

Research News

The Medical School Office of Research publishes Research News, as well as a number of other electronic newsletters, to help faculty and staff stay up-to-date on the latest funding opportunities, policies, events, and other biomedical news here at the University of Michigan.

Communications Toolkit

Whether you’re looking for ways to publish the results of your latest research project, would like assistance with developing a website, or are just looking to spread the word about an upcoming event your lab is hosting, there are a wealth of resources throughout Michigan Medicine and beyond that can help. CLICK HERE to learn more.


All members of the research community at the U-M are invited each year to join us for Researchpalooza, the premier opportunity to connect with the labs and offices who serve biomedical researchers!

This UMMS Office of Research event is the perfect opportunity for colleagues and friends to have a great time and meet, mingle, and learn more about many of the organizations that offer their stellar services to faculty, students, and staff, all at one convenient time and location. CLICK HERE to learn more.



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