IRBMED Review Fees Are Adjusting

May 20, 2021

Beginning July 1, 2021, IRBMED’s application review fees are adjusting. The fee for IRBMED review of industry-sponsored studies will increase to $3750.  Also on July 1, IRBMED administrative review of industry-sponsored studies ceded to a commercial IRB will increase to $1300. Contracts under active negotiation are expected to begin including these provisions to meet this deadline. Studies previously negotiated with contracts awarded after July 1, 2021, will be charged at prior rates. Of note: the new rates will also apply to all units across campus using IRBMED services and will no longer be limited to the Medical School. 

For more information about the fees and local budgeting, please refer to our internally facing IRB website.  Language to share with sponsors during the negotiation process is available in Section V: Fees and Budgeting for Industry-Sponsored Research on our externally facing IRB website.

IRBMED has also instituted approved review fees in association with single IRB (sIRB) reviews for multi-site research when IRBMED is the IRB of Record for the study.  More information about the fee structure for qualifying studies and budgeting for these fees in grant applications and contracts is located in our externally facing website in Section II: IRBMED Accepts Oversight (sIRB) and Associated Fees.


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