Planned UH MRI Scanner Repair Potential Impact on Research

September 22, 2022

Beginning Monday, Sept. 19, one of eight University Hospital MRI scanners, MRI-6, will be offline for necessary repairs. To minimize patient impact, two machines typically reserved for research on weekdays will be allocated to patient scans, but the MRI-6 is scheduled to be back up and running by Sunday, October 16.

IRBMED reached out to the Radiology department, and they assess that this change will not impact research protocols to a substantial extent. Currently scheduled exams will not be canceled or rescheduled. Future appointments may have to be scheduled a few weeks out, which could cause MRIs to be done out of window of protocol requirements. If an MRI done out of window could adversely impact the safety of participants, or impact the integrity or validity of the data, submit the protocol deviation via an ORIO submission within 7 calendar days of becoming aware of the out-of-window MRI. If an MRI done out of window does not impact the safety of participants or impact the integrity or validity of the data, submit the deviation at the time of the Scheduled Continuing Review, in an aggregate deviation report. 

Direct questions and concerns to Glenn Houck, director of clinical operations for the Department of Radiology.