RFI Series: The What, Why, and How of Protocol Documents

May 19, 2023 - 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

Join the Clinical Trials Support Office for part 2 of the Research Foundations for Investigators (RFI) series, The What, Why, How of Protocol Documents. Participants will learn the basics of protocol documents. Attendees will receive and listen to a recorded lecture* from Anna Lok, M.D. covering key elements of a protocol document, and then attend the Zoom-based workshop where we will discuss examples of successful and not-so-successful protocol documents. 

During the session, participants have the opportunity to bring their own work-in-progress documents and receive feedback from the group. At the end of this session, researchers will recognize the importance of a stand-alone protocol document, know what information should be included, and understand how to use available resources – templates, checklists, and U-M research support services – to draft robust protocol documents that support patient safety, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. 

*A link to the recorded lecture will be emailed to registrants a few weeks prior to the Zoom session. 

Research Foundations for Investigators (RFI) is a new educational series for early-career investigators and their teams who are looking to develop their skills and grow their research portfolio. Each session is a stand-alone learning opportunity, but together they form a foundation upon which you can build your research program. Learn more about part 1 and part 3 of the RFI Series.